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About VNAflyer

VNAflyer was started in hopes of providing independent, comprehensive, and updated information about the carriers serving Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam Airlines (IATA code - VN; ICAO code - VNA).  I hope that VNAflyer will become the authoritative source on all things VNA.

The region is experiencing a meteoric economic boom, and air travel is quickly becoming a popular mode of transportation. In fact, Southeast Asia is seen as one of the top potential markets in the world for new airlines and aircraft.VNA itself has been quite busy lately, but much of the activity has gone under the radar for many outside the region, including a landmark initial public offering, new airport construction, improved airport operations, route expansion, and new/upcoming aircraft deliveries.The national flag carrier of Vietnam is fending off ever-increasing domestic competition from new privately-held low-cost carriers, and has its sights set on becoming the dominant airline in the region by modernizing and expanding its fleet and building up Vietnam's economic center, Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), as a premier international gateway hub.

You can count on VNAflyer to follow the airline industry in Southeast Asia closely and give you the news and developments you need and want.